In 1970, Heinz Ploechinger founded his own company with the name "THYRACONT". Since 1980, Thyracont is a GmbH (Limited company), registered and located in Passau, Bavaria. Ever since, Heinz Ploechinger has been the managing sole shareholder. 
Thyracont is specialized in vacuum sensors, vacuum transmitter, vacuum gauges, vacuum transducers, vacuum controllers, as well as measurement and control technology for vacuum-systems. Thyracont Vacuum Instruments sets standards over decades!




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The incredible, universal sensor for position and movement becomes reality!



• Exceptional dynamics over 6 decades
(from Milli G’s up to 100 G’s)!
• 3 signals for 3 axis from 1 sensor!
• Frequency range from zero to several hundred Hertz!
• Tremendously rugged because no moving parts are used!
• Conclusion: The sensor for every sense!


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For the international patent application "sensor and method for detecting measurement variables and physical parameters" the international test procedure was succesfully completed. The german Patent DE 101 15 715 B4 has been granted on 10/14/2004 This measuring method is already used in the new vacuum tranmitter VSP 62 (Thyracont): The time for the temperature rise of the measuring filament up to a certain threshold is a measure for the pressure in the environment of the filament. 

This procedure can be transferred also for measuring other physical values. Concepts for this are already existing, please contact me, if you are interested.