Dipl. Ing. Heinz Ploechinger was born in Bavaria, Germany. He studied electrical engineering in Munich. Already at his first employment he was working in the area of measurement procedures at a company that produces electronic parts. After that he worked in development and technical consulting of a measurement and control engineering company, of which he was also leading its Munich branch. In 1970 Mr Ploechinger founded his own company, Thyracont Ltd., which has developed into one of the leading companies for vacuum measurement procedures since then. For several years now, Mr. Ploechinger has also been conducting the patent rights company Ploechinger Patents in Austria.



"Mensch, Genie, Unternehmer"

Auszüge aus dem "Passuer Almanach 1", Süd-Ost-Verlag Waldkirchen





"How to make something from nothing"

By Jan Dermietzel

Heinz Ploechinger fiddles about. The capuccino the boss makes. But not often. "Water tank empty" the display of the coffee machine indicates. "Where one fills in?" He opens first a flap right, then left. Heinz Ploechinger pulls the high-grade steel automat under the kitchen cabinet out and finds the correct opening. The coffee flow - Heinz Ploechinger is graduate engineer.

Heinz Ploechinger is the only entrepreneur in Germany, who manufactures and develops vacuum measuring instruments. They are distributed between Oslo, Bangkok, Cape Town and New York. 13 employees help him thereby. Ploechinger measures the "nothingness", which must precede the coolant in an engine, so that it works. A swiss supermarket chain roasts beans for instance coffee in the vacuum, so that the flavour does not volatilise. And also if someone wants to vaporize surfaces foreign body-free, does not get along without vacuum. The world needs measuring instruments. And it buys it from Ploechingers' company Thyracont.

Heinz Ploechinger was born 1943 on a farm in the lower-bavarian town Mauth. As an eighth child of a forest farmer. In the timber building, without electrical light. Without any toy - except chickens, pigs and potato beetles. Heinz Ploechinger regrets each child, who grows up with industrial play goods. "As someone can develop creativity thereby?"

With a branch in the snow, not with pins, he practiced his first drawings. Instead of on a carousel he sat in the summer on an erratic block. "A heavenly childhood". But he did not want to grow old in the bavarian forest however. He went to Munich and became with 21 years the youngest engineer of Germany - despite study fees and his preference for "to have a good night's rest". His first boss instructed him to begin experimenting at seven o'clock in the morning. The fact, however, that Heinz Ploechinger stood at night with full passion in the laboratory did not interest. "I swore to make me independent."

Until today the entrepreneur holds the typewriter in honours, on which he typed his first calculation. In the shelf beside it: His first product. A shatterproof vacuum measurer made of metal. "The previous ones were made of glass". Ploechinger developed dozens of devices since then and fetched 2002 in Chicago "the R&D 100 Award", a kind of "Daniel Düsentrieb Oscar".

The Americans honoured him for an invention, which he had already presented in Germany in 1993 - unsuccessfully. That annoyed him, although he is actually grateful to his state for his career development, "which I was allowed here to put back". If Ploechinger speaks about today's Germany, his otherwise deliberately characteristic style loses all comfort. Under the remarkably rust-red curls the brows pull together. "The innovation offensive of the Federal Government misses any substance."

The regulation rage of the politicians becomes the death of the middle class, he prophesies. And straight in the country, in which "Otto von Guerike" 1657 invented the tire pump and discovered the vacuum. Ploechinger can only shake his head.

His private house is located in Austria. The view of the Bavarian forest is there so beautiful, he says. He spends money on "nonsense". He fulfills himself dreams, then they are checked off. His Mercedes SL is 13 years old. As a student with too much month at the end of the money, he once could not afford a cup of ice-cream in an expensive hotel in Starnberg. He did not borrow himelf money. He went to the bathing platform and swore to build a house at this lake. Said, 20 years later done. Now sold. "It was not my world."

Seven and a half month ago, he gave a brother to his two adults children. He would like best to give him the same youth as he had. Without Playmobil, without Playstation. With erratic block, branches and potato beetles. And in the winter icicle at the window sill beside the bed. But do not spoil these boy? That is daily my largest challenge", says Ploechinger and laughs.

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