The incredible, universal sensor for position and movement becomes reality!



• Exceptional dynamics over 6 decades
(from Milli G’s up to 100 G’s)!
• 3 signals for 3 axis from 1 sensor!
• Frequency range from zero to several hundred Hertz!
• Tremendously rugged because no moving parts are used!
• Conclusion: The sensor for every sense!


Integrated micro-machined heating elements in a gas chamber produce low density zones and convection currents along the field of force. Highly sensitive, temperature dependent, resistive micro-machined elements detect temperature fluctuations of the surrounding gas flow. New operation and readout methods (Pat. pend.) enable the sensor to measure inclination/tilt of 360 degrees with full accuracy for two axes, lateral acceleration for x- and y-axis and vertical acceleration for z-axis.


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