In 1970, Heinz Ploechinger founded his own company with the name "THYRACONT". Since 1980, Thyracont is a GmbH (Limited company), registered and located in Passau, Bavaria. Ever since, Heinz Ploechinger has been the managing sole shareholder. 
Thyracont is specialized in vacuum sensors, vacuum transmitter, vacuum gauges, vacuum transducers, vacuum controllers, as well as measurement and control technology for vacuum-systems. Thyracont Vacuum Instruments sets standards over decades!




Dipl. Ing. Heinz Ploechinger holds numerous patents within the range of the sensor and measurement technology. Some of it received high honors. 
Ploechinger Patent (registered in Freinberg, Austria) offers licenses (full/shared) for patents and property rights of Mr. Ploechinger. 
Detailed descriptions and information about this and Heinz Ploechinger’s other fields of interest can be found on the homepage of Heinz Ploechinger. 
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