One Sensor - Three Axis - Three Signals



Development History:



Inventor Ploechinger





First Prototype 1993







Silicon Chip:
First Version Single Axis 1994







Silicon Chip: Dual-axis






Current Chip: "Inclinos"







Available soon:  Inclinos chip mounted in ceramic housing







Principle of operation:

Based on Patents DE 4243978, EP 1111395, US 6,722,199: "A sensor for detecting a rotational movement, an angular acceleration, a tilt or an acceleration"

Integrated micro-machined heating elements in a gas chamber produce low density zones and convection currents along the field of force. Highly sensitive, temperature dependent, resistive micro-machined elements detect temperature fluctuations of the surrounding gas flow. New operation and readout methods (Pat. pend.) enable the sensor to measure inclination/tilt of 360 degrees with full accuracy for two axes, lateral acceleration for x- and y-axis and vertical acceleration for z-axis.




  • Three signals for: tilt and acceleration in x-axis and y-axis, acceleration in z-axis
  • No moving mechanical parts
  • High shock resistance
  • No hysteresis
  • Best sensitivity around zero
  • Static inclination signal
  • Small power consumption
  • Small package outline.



Prelimnary Technical Datas:

Measuring range from µg to 60g (see "Output-Signals") Resolution of inclination: 0.1 degree, resolution of acceleration: 200 µg, frequency 0 to >100 Hz (maximum amplitude), power consumption approx. 40 mW..



Output-Signals (click on images to enlarge):

A) Tilt



0.5 degree
in in steps of 0.1 degrees

360 degree
iin x-axis and y-axis


B) Acceleration





Lateral and Longitudinal acceleration, Vertical acceleration (impact detection), suspension control, seat position, roll over detection, head lamp leveling, stabilization of cameras, measurement of inclination at GPS, data input, detection of inclination and vibration at washing mashines, dryers, in robotics, data input systems in EDV, liquid level indicator in containers through leverage (Inclination compensated: Pat. pend.), tilt state of windows, vibration - burglary alarm systems, scales, cranes, theodolides, measurement of earthquakes, alignment of machines, detection of unbalance ( centrifuges), wind load ...



For further information:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  / www.thyracont.com

  • Sensors (TDNS for 2 axis): samples ex store
  • Inclinos module with 3 signals for x- and y-axis (tilt, acceleration) and z-axis (total acceleration, even vertical) available propectivly 1st Quarter 2006


or download presentation:

"Tilt sensor, acceleration sensor, gyro and inertial sensor based on patented thermodynamic principle"

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